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Summer Botanical Illustration Class Schedule

This week, I'll be starting Pen and Ink at NYBG. I was on the waitlist, so I signed up really late.

Towards the end of the month, I am also taking Pen and Ink with Marjorie Leggitt at the Denver Botanic Garden. DBG has been offering in-person classes, so I wanted to sign up for a few that are still being offered online. I'm really interested in doing strictly scientific illustrations and Marjorie is working on the Flora of North America (she also does fungi!) so I think she would be an excellent mentor for me.

In August, I will be taking a workshop at NYBG on Refined Graphite Rendering. The class is in 5 hour blocks.

My classes will overlap, so I'll have two to three per week until the end of August. I am going to be on a very tight schedule. On average, each class needs at least 10 hours for homework. Graphite and watercolor classes took even longer and I was always working until the last minute. Some teachers ask for assignments 1-2 days in advance of class, so I might only have a five day window to complete an assignment. I will make time for some quick posts.

These will be my last required classes for the certificate program. After that, I should be able to start my final certificate project.

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