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Other Environmental Science Projects:

Scientific Communication

Here is a sample of projects I have worked on while in the Professional Science Masters Program 

Entoloma indigoferum: 
Morphology, Distribution, and DNA Analysis 

Pitcher Plant Nutrient Budget

An overview of nutrient cycling through the seasons within inquiline Sarracenia purpurea communities

Course: ENVL 5101, Ecosystem Ecology, Spring 2022

Nature Trail Map and Botanical Illustrations

In Spring 2022, I mapped trails at my university and developed content for a self-guided nature trail.

Stockton Self-Guided Nature Trail

Graduate Assistantship Project, Spring 2022


CERCLA Process
An overview of the Federal Aviation Administration Superfund Site, Atlantic County, NJ

Website with an introduction to the CERCLA process, an overview of the FAA Superfund, remediation strategies, case studies of selected operable units, and future remediation needs.


ENVL 5202: Environmental Quality, Spring 2022

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