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NJMA Foray Illustrations

Most of my drawings this month have been in my sketchbooks or on tracing paper waiting to be transferred. We are deep into mushroom season and it's hard to keep up!

Helvella crispa, Elfin Saddle fungi. Graphite on Bristol Plate 11" x 14"

I have one page left in my "new" sketchbook. The Holbein Multimedia paper was okay for 2-3 layers of watercolor, but I could probably push it if I waited for each layer to fully dry. These illustrations were done quickly with only a few layers of graphite, colored pencil, or watercolor. The pen & ink honey fungus was done with a Rapidograph. That was a risky choice because the rough paper could make the pen clog.

Suillus sp. Boletes from Brendan T Byrne. Sketch on Holbein Multimedia paper

It's overcast and rainy today, so lighting was poor for photos. But it will be great for the mushrooms this weekend!

In other news, the American Society of Botanical Artists Conference ended last week. I attended all of the lectures and I have many notes to go through. There were excellent presentations on dissection and scientific measuring, working in the field, colored pencil techniques on various media, vellum tutorials, and egg tempera preparations. About 750 attendees from 30 countries participated. I'm inspired to join a florilegium or some other international clubs now.

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