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Perpetual Journal

A few years ago, I started a Perpetual Journal for weekly botanical finds. I was using a 9" x 12" hardbound Canson sketchbook. The first half of the sketchbook was reserved for individual specimens and the second half was labeled with every week of the year. It was fun to see all of my specimens from each week on one page, and I managed to keep up the challenge of collecting every single week. I don't have much space left in my sketchbook and I've been wanting to work with a larger format and better quality paper.

Lately, I have been working in an 11" x 14" Holbein Watercolor and Multimedia drawing book. It reminds me of trips to Catskill Art Supply in pre-pandemic times. The paper is textured, so it's not great for toning, but it is still practical for weekly drawing projects. The sketchbook is spiral bound with a really nice cover, so I love working in it. The paper takes colored pencil pretty well, see the Chanterelle below, so I plan to use this for color studies, larger formats, and collages.

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