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Pen & Ink Classes and Refined Graphite Rendering

My Denver Botanic Garden class finished this week and I turned in my final project, a stippled leaf in perspective. Pen & Ink II will continue with stipple work for full compositions. The Autumn DBG catalogue has some really interesting classes coming up!

I'm still working on finals for NYBG Pen & Ink. I redid one assignment and I've done a few practice projects. I've given myself a lot of options, but now I need to edit down to the ones that will best utilize each of the three techniques we covered. I used crow quill for Peltandra virginica, Narthecium americanum, and a russula. The Peltandra wilted before I was able to start, so this won't become a final drawing. I am looking for a new stipple subject. I did a persimmon branch with fruit with a Rapidograph on tracing paper, but we're not supposed to combine line with stipple in this class.

I've been so busy with Pen & Ink that I didn't check my paper supply before my graphite class started. I had enough to start my homework, but now I'm waiting for a new shipment. I also need to do a contour line drawing before the start of the next class.

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