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Pen & Ink at NYBG

I recently started Pen & Ink Class at NYBG. I finished the assignments early, but I had some tiny mistakes. I used Sennelier Sepia ink, but the standard ink used for this technique is carbon black.

I was worried about my mistakes, but Carol wanted to see our early attempts so she can make suggestions to correct our technique. Fixing the mistakes will be covered in a later class. My pen was clogging so the ink wasn't able to flow properly. I needed to clean the nib more often to clear out ink that was drying. The ink we use has shellac, so it dries quickly.

In the second class, we worked on vellum or tracing paper. I destroyed some of my pen nibs by soaking them in alcohol too long, so I had some new nibs for this session.

For now, all of the assignments will be copies while we are learning crow quill pen strokes.

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