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NYBG Colored Pencil Class: Poblano Pepper

My assignment this week was to illustrate a pepper and do some color mixing exercises. In class, we discussed mixing earth tones, grays, and blacks using only primary colors.

Now that I've gotten a better feel for oil-based colored pencils, I wanted to practice using more earth tones that matched a traditional limited palette for oil painting. In my studio painting classes, I used alizarin crimson, yellow ochre, black (or maybe phthalo green?), and white to mix a full spectrum of colors. Since the pepper I chose was so dark with dull shadows, I decided to build up the depth with a variety of earth tones before layering blues, greens, and yellows. I was able to add some bright colors, like fuchsia and cobalt green, because the first layers were earth tones. I decided against burnishing and used white pencil minimally. I polished the highlights and edges with greyed lavender, creme, and powder blue.

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