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NYBG Colored Pencil Class: Peach

Last night was my last Colored Pencil Class. Our critique was a make-up day for any unfinished projects, along with our last assignment and any final projects.

This weeks assignment was to illustrate a fruit with two or more local colors. My classmates did gala apples, pears, or cherries.

I only took one in-progress photo with my grisaille and first layers. I used all the pencils below for the first layers and finished with Prismacolor creme, Polychromos dark red, and cadmium yellow. The peach fuzz effect was achieved by light applications of color, lifting color with a kneaded eraser, and some light layers of greyed lavender in the shadow areas. As my peach ripened, more orange started to show through. There was some contrast between the yellow areas of local color and tiny spots, so I did some delicate stippling with Venetian red and dark red Polychromos pencils sharpened with sandpaper. Shadows were deepened with raw umber and indantherene blue. After experimenting with different blues, I added some very light layers of purple violet to shift some of the darkest reds.

I really enjoyed this class. Jeanne's color chart assignments were perfect for both learning color theory and color application. The charts should be an excellent reference for later projects. I feel so comfortable in this medium and it was exciting to learn about more advanced techniques.

My teacher will offer a class on butterflies using specimens from Etsy in the Fall. Moth week is coming up in the last week of July, so I'm looking forward to practicing my new techniques on moths.

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