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Mushroom Watercolors

Last summer, I collected fungi every week to illustrate. August was the peak of the mushroom season and we had a record number of Boletes throughout NJ. Some of the boletes I collected were from a foray, so I tried my best to identify them and take scientific photos. A friend and member of NJMA gave me a book on Boletes when I was new to the club. I originally thought all boletes looked pretty much the same, but I really got to experience the variety of species last year.

I was able to illustrate every bolete that I collected last year. Fortunately, they hold up pretty well and at least retained their original shape if not their color.

I saw my first bolete of 2021 this week and I am anxiously awaiting for more to pop up so I can illustrate them. I hope to do a mushroom for my final colored pencil project. If this isn't another mast year (there must be an equivalent term for this in mycology...) for boletes, I'm also hoping to illustrate hedgehogs and other toothy fungi.

I absolutely love this photo. It is the perfect reminder of the new places I visited, my first year of NYBG classes, and all the new fungi I saw.

These are my mushroom studies in my perpetual journal:

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